Taking the Livermore Valley to the Next Level

I have never been so excited to be part of the wine and food scene in the Livermore Valley. In my 17 years here, there have never been more people displaying a passion (both in their demeanor and in their wines and cuisine) for excellence as there are now.

Livermore-Valley-Wine-MapThe Livermore Valley is going through a tremendous renaissance, but there is still a long way for all of us who work to bring enjoyment to peoples’ lives to get to a level commensurate with the quality of the place we work and live.

And as someone who intends to be part of this excitement here until they pry my cold, dead hands from around the wine barrel, I am intensely interested in learning what it is we could be doing to improve the Livermore Valley experience.

So, shoot me a comment or suggestion, and let’s see what we can do!


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