What Do You Want to Know About Wine?

bottomlesswellTom Wark, the author of the indispensable Fermentation blog, made an interesting comparison between wine and book reviews recently. The post – and the comments that follow – got me thinking about the way I communicate about wine, and about what people really want to know.

I’ve been on a blog-writing jag lately, and have high hopes for SoundCloud and Youtube and Instagram because I keep re-discovering how utterly fascinating wine is and (maybe – narcissistically) believe that others are interested too.

I’ve written before about the bottomlessness of wine, how one can never get to the end with it. There is always another level of discovery and understanding available.  This image, of the bottomless well, works for me. But for those not yet as obsessed, what is of value to you? What do you want to know about wine that would make the experience of consuming it even greater?

Drop a comment and I’ll see what I can do.


2 thoughts on “What Do You Want to Know About Wine?

  1. What a great question and how perfectly foundational. Once someone decides to pay more than $5 for a wine this question of what is wine for emerges.

    For me the answer has changed over time. Once I merely wanted to know what I was drinking and why it provided certain sensations like its aroma or taste or texture. It was academic.

    Today, Steven. wine provide me with a window through which I explore ideas and desires. In this respect wine provides me with a fertile metaphor for understanding and exploring my own motivations, my community’s structural foundations and how I can better navigate my life.

    This may seem like a lot to ask of a simple beverage, I understand. But it points to the fact that wine has the potential, more than most consumer items, to represent larger and more diverse kinds of meaning.

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