Giving Birth

With all due respect to mothers everywhere, I can’t help but feel a little like gestation is over, and I’ve delivered screaming and triumphant….the 2013 Harvest!

Yesterday saw the last three lots of fruit totaling about 10 tons delivered from the vineyards to the winery. Malbec and two Cabernets from Ghielmetti Estate Vineyard finish out our lineup for the year.newborn

When I’ve had a chance to get all of our fermenting wines into barrel, I will give a fuller recount of the harvest and what and how 2013 bodes for LINEAGE | Livermore Valley and The Steven Kent Winery. But few businesses have the built-in, almost inevitably problematic; hopeful but, outwardly ambivalent, nature of agricultural-based ones. There is so much planning done each year in terms of farming well, getting machinery in proper working order, determining the best sites for the varieties you want, figuring out styles today for a product that won’t launch for three years, and on and on. And yet, all of this meticulous attention can be ruined with one badly-timed and placed hail storm.

Though a lot of work has to be done in the winery before the 2013 harvest journal is complete, we were able to make it through the most uncontrollable part of the year about as beautifully as can be expected. Once again, the pacific nature of California wine-country weather held up its end of the bargain and a significantly large and great harvest was the reward.

I raise a (small) glass to the harvest year that was and to the hope that the winemaker is as temperate as the season.


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