Oh, What a Week

It has been an eventful last 7 days. The grapes and wines demand a lot of attention and when things are moving at a quick pace, it is easy to forget how much gets accomplished and how much sleep you haven’t had.

For your enjoyment, a quick recap:

  • Harvest ended on October 25th
  • Steven fell asleep on his office floor
  • Craig Ploof, my assistant winemaker, pressed off his first wine…2013 Petite Sirah
  • Steven fell asleep in his truck under an electrical tower
  • Several lots of Cabernet Sauvignon from the Home Ranch and Clone 30 – Ghielmetti Vineyard were pressed off and show, even at this early stage, amazing quality
  • We poured several Pinot Noirs at Sunday’s Pinot on the River event on Healdsburg Square and learned that a distributor from Germany may be interested in bringing our wines into his country.
  • Steven tastes a finished Pinot Noir at the event and does not understand what he is tasting. (Soundcloud describing his temporary lostness here).

Just another ordinary week in the winelife.


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