Back to the Future

I had a wonderful experience last night guest lecturing for John Kinney’s Enology class at Las Positas JC in Livermore. John is an incredibly bright guy and the owner/winemaker of Occasio Winery here in the Valley. He wanted me to talk about my philosophy on barrel use and what part they play in the scope of winemaking.

So I brought some samples of a few wines to share with the class; wines that I thought showed the evolution of aroma and mouthfeel and alive-ness over the period of a couple of years in wood.  The wines were well received, and I thought the point was made.

What made the night so wonderful, though, was the interaction between passionate people. Most of the people in the class won’t have jobs in the industry, but wine – in its bottomlessness – has ahold of them, nonetheless.  The eagerness with which they asked questions, and the breadth of subject matter of those questions was a total blast to confront.

I went to graduate school to teach college literature and to write the next great novel. I went only part way but have come to find that passion and creativity can be expressed in the language of anthocyanins as well as it can in iambic pentameter.

Last night was a lovely way to see the past and present converge in the future.


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