It’s a Cliche, but…

0-whoville-feastIt was like the dinner scene from Whoville; there could not have been more food. Everything supplied by family and close friends…smoked turkeys, roast turkeys, prime rib, leg of lamb, three kinds of stuffing, two heaping bowls of potatoes, salads, cheese plates, appetizers, many vintages of wine, 41 wonderful guests.

I think this is the ninth time we have transformed the Steven Kent Winery Barrel Room into our Thanksgiving dining hall. It started out big, with family coming from Boston, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Oregon, Over the years, the numbers have gone up and down (but once you are invited, you’re always family), this year, though, we nearly doubled our highest count.

Thanksgiving is my favorite day of all (though the last day of Harvest is rapidly closing the gap). It encompasses the things I adore most: family, wine, and food. It gives me the chance to spend Tuesday and Wednesday in the kitchen, slowing life down, marking my days with stock reductions, and turkey brines. And then, Thursday comes, and I get to see family and friends who are too far from me, and we spend the perfect day together (looking from the outside, the day would be an ideal scene captured in the snow globe).

And though it would not have mattered ultimately, it must be remarked that the day was absolutely perfect, nearly 70 degrees, and much of this day was spent outside, as it must be, in conditions such as these.

I am enduringly thankful for my wife, June, and for my children. Thankful for all of my family, far-flung though they are. Thankful for my friends and thankful for my team who always have my back. I am thankful, finally, for the accidents of history that contributed to putting me on the course I am pursuing.