In Praise of: Basketball, Bourbon, and BBQ

pigolbittiesThe Wine Life is the best life.

But the Three Bs need to have their stuff rendered unto as well.

I used to watch a ton of sports, was a rabid Oakland Raider and A’s fan, the world coming to a stop every time McGwire or Canseco came to bat. Either the world got too busy or the Raiders just too damn bad, but I stopped watching those teams for the most part.

I’ve never stopped watching the Golden State Warriors, though. Through the decades of suck there were occasional glimpses of beauty…the drafting of Chris Webber (which quickly turned into disaster), the We Believe team’s playoff run. Then came Steph Curry.

St. Steph as he’s called. Purest shooter ever, all around good guy, potential Superstar. He makes you feel good about rooting for professional athletes again. Fifth year in the league, first all-star game (first Warrior voted in as a starter since Latrell Sprewell), and the only reason to watch the game show that is the NBA All-Star contest. More than reason enough, though.


I’ll be watching it with June while drinking Bourbon and eating BBQ in downtown Livermore.

warriorswallpaperBourbon is Whiskey but made only in Bourbon County Kentucky…so like appellated wine in that regard. And Bourbon is like wine in that it tastes great and makes you glad to be alive. And the fact that it’s made by passionate people who love what they do, makes it like my wine.

And though I don’t eat it often, sometimes the cure for what ails you is The Pig. The Pig over a fire, slowly. The Pig in little pieces with jalapenos and cheese and chips. The Pig in bigger pieces with sweet sauce and just a touch of heat. The Pig, The Pig.

So that’s what’s in store in the Wine Life today. Here’s to deliciousness and beauty into your Life too!


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