“Vin City”

In a couple of days June and I head off to Las Vegas for a couple of days of work and R&R. Like San Francisco, New York, and Chicago, Las Vegas has done a remarkable job carne_vino logobranding itself. Whether it was the “Sin City” of the ’50s and ’60s or the ideal place to bring the whole family it became in the ’90s and ’00s, Las Vegas has had the ability to become whatever it needed to match (or in some cases, create) the prevailing zeitgeist. And like those aforementioned cities, Vegas, too, has become a mecca for some of the world’s greatest chefs andrestaurateurs.

bouchon logoLas Vegas sprung up from the barrenness like a sandstone Shangri La in the 50s, and the

free buffet was king. Now however, chefs such as Mario Batali, Guy Savoy, Tom Colicchio, Thomas Keller, and dozens of others have built gastronomic outposts here that rival in quality restaurants in any city in the world. In a single hotel there are more Michelin stars than there are drunken revelers at Mardi Gras.

World-class food attracts world-class wine and wine professionals. In 2012 there were twice as many Master Sommeliers in Las Vegas than there were in New York. This

Delmonico SteakHouse logo

confluence of great food and great wine people has made Las Vegas a very important market for us. In a recent article, sommeliers note that their international guests still find California an enduring vinous sign post. Master Sommeliers are very good at bringing new and small brands to the attention of their guests. We have thrived in this dynamic.

So, June and I will spend the next few days introducing our new releases into the market, saying hello to old friends who have supported our wines in the past, probably (ok, certainly) eating spectacularly well, and generally soaking up the spectacle that is the world’s greatest food court.


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