The WineLife Got Really Real

The 2014 harvest was always going to be a special one. It was the year of changing our relationship with the winemaking facility in which we worked, Craig Ploof’s first vintage as a full-time assistant winemaker for Steven Kent, the year we actually bought a forklift of our own.

The season itself was also a special one…3 weeks early to start and a compacted rush of fruit within a week to end it very early as well.

Those “new” and “special” things were nothing though, when we found out on September 23rd that my wife, June, had been diagnosed with a grade 4 Glioblastoma…a particularly nasty kind of brain tumor.

A lot of what seemed sure has come tumbling down, and it is taking time to wrap my mind around our new life. Most of what I thought I knew, I don’t anymore. Except the most important things: we are surrounded by many people who love us and who can never be adequately repaid for all the kindness they have shown us in the last month, and June Mirassou, the woman I first met 32 years ago in our Freshman dorm, is the Best person I have ever known.

There will be much more to come in these pages about June’s courage, and her feistiness, and my love and admiration for her, but suffice it to say that getting back on the blogging horse is a many-stepped process.

If you want to read really excellent writing, check out June’s blog here.

3 thoughts on “The WineLife Got Really Real

  1. Steve.. You and I met at the ToutSuite studios earlier this year, after one of your shows.Shortly after our meeting my 4 year old grandson, Adler Bear Carris, was diagnosed with pediatric brain and spinal cancer. I recently learned of your wife’s diagnoses from Susan Quinn. I to did a wine blog posting on our Adler’s situation. In that posting I also mentioned your wife’s recent diagnoses ( ). for which we are are so sorry. We understand your situation and you and June are in our thoughts and prayers. Like others I stand ready to assist in any way that I can. Know that you can call on me if you need to. Warmest regards,

    • Carl, thank you so much for commenting, and I am very sorry to hear about your grandson. If I can help in any way, please let me know. June and I have vowed to fight this thing, doing all we can to kick its ass. Every day gives us another opportunity to love each other, to love our family and friends, and to face what life brings.

      Cheers to you, my friend.

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